6 Interior Design Trends to Enhance GDV

interior design trends

With the swift changing of seasons and the promise of a new year on the horizon, interior design trends are moving fast – and so are buyer expectations. For many people, 2018 will be the year they finally get the keys to their very own home, but in a housing climate that is seeing a certain amount of fluctuation – in the buyer’s favour, for once – they are savvy to the fact that they can afford to be fussy.

It’s no secret that first impressions count for a huge portion of property sales, so creating a space that feels like a dream home is crucial, and trend-backed schemes are an excellent investment for a return on profit.

Here are 6 top tips for design trends that will help drive up your GDV:

1. Go bespoke

It’s no surprise that bespoke is making it big in the housing world. Buyers have more access to interior inspiration than ever before, and as a result it can be difficult to make your property stand out from the crowd. The answer is to create something unique that they can’t find anywhere else, so be creative and work with the quirks of your own host building.

2. Create luxe through texture

There’s no time like the present to inspire and excite potential buyers, so step away from flat joinery and introduce some luxe finishes and interesting textures to provide more dimension to the space. WGSN – the trend and forecasting company – highlights matte textures as a big interior focal point for 2018, creating depth and intensity.

interior design trends

It’s been a great decade of fame for the humble spotlight, but interest is dwindling for this blanket approach to ambient lighting and buyers are becoming excited by bolder methods of illumination. Pendants are set to be big in next year’s trends, with statement pieces finding their way into unlikely spaces such as bathrooms and above beds. For controlled illumination, try wall lights as opposed to ceiling lights.

3. Flooring goes vintage

As with lighting, the key trends for 2018 highlight flooring as a great place for expression and an opportunity to create a nod towards more traditional design styles. Parquet continues to be popular as it creates warmth, class, and is easily combined with more contemporary floor surfaces such as resin and poured concrete. Basket weave and herringbone are in hot demand too – try and salvage the real deal if you can.
interior design trends

4. Use tiles sparingly

Tiles are something of an interior staple, but their overuse has seen them turn into a cheap addition to many modern properties. Interior trends show that the cover-all-walls approach adopted by lovers of the metro tile is fast falling out of fashion, and instead a sparing amount of high quality, interesting tiles garner a lot more interest in a scheme. Geometric and modular pattern tiles are particularly favourable as they offer a degree of variety that plays on the modern buyer’s love of bespoke.

5. Stay plush

Ultimately, a buyer looks for a home. Creating a home is about the little touches and subtle softness that we all come to expect from a well-loved interior, and a simple solution to achieving this goal is to work with textiles. Velvet is a key fabric that isn’t going anywhere over the next year – instead we see it reintroduced in bolder jewel tones and earthy variations on poster colours. Velvet not only adds softness, it also offers a hint of luxe and fashion know-how that buyers respond well to.

6. Work with your touchpoints

It’s a point we try and instil at all possible opportunities – never skimp on the things a buyer touches by hand. Ensure cupboard handles, door handles and taps feel good quality and authentic. Brass is an excellent choice as it is on trend and surprisingly enduring.

To ensure you enhance your gross development value, we always advise treating your interior scheme with the care and attention that a prospective buyer would. For help with creating an interior that will encourage swift sales, or to stay on top of the interior design trends, contact our interior design team today.