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Property Development Summit 2017
Published on: 23 Jan 2017
James Munro at the Property Development Summit The countdown is on for the Property Development Summit in London, are you going? The event is taking place on January 28th and Granit’s James Munro is one of the guest speakers, alongside an impressive line-up of developers and other property professionals. The idea of the Summit is to... Read more »
Interior Design Trends for 2017
Published on: 20 Jan 2017
Greenery Mood Board If like us, you’ve been furiously scribbling down ideas for self-improvement over the last few weeks, then you’re part of the 32% of optimistic Brits making New Year’s resolutions in 2017 – and hopefully not part of the 63% who abandon these promises mere months in! Luckily we’re on... Read more »
How to Create a Design Thread in Your Home
Published on: 16 Jan 2017
ab_townhouse_studios_11 We believe one of the most fundamental aspects of creating an interior space that 'flows' is to have a design thread. Without it, individual areas of the house can feel disjointed - with no clear aesthetic or theme that brings everything together. Get your design flow right and your home will... Read more »
Smart Storage for Toys
Published on: 23 Dec 2016
Storage for Toys With Christmas now upon us, the issue of storage for toys becomes more pressing than ever. Every parent knows that kids are hugely reluctant to let go of old toys, even when they get new ones! So how can you prevent floors from becoming scattered with children's play items? It all comes down to... Read more »
What’s Possible with Permitted Development?
Published on: 19 Dec 2016
ab_ravensborne_06-lr Did you know you it’s possible to extend a residential property or convert commercial premises to homes, without the need for a full planning application? What is permitted development (PD)? Many changes to a freehold house, or a commercial office building, can be carried out under... Read more »
Shortlisted for International Design and Architecture Awards
Published on: 14 Dec 2016
International Design and Architecture Awards Shortlist We are thrilled to announce our Abercorn Place project has been shortlisted in the International Design and Architecture Awards 2017.  The property is a contemporary designed, new build, four-storey family home built in a conservation area in St John’s Wood, London. It has been... Read more »
Is Adding a Basement Worthwhile?
Published on: 30 Nov 2016
ab_briarwood_road_18_thumbnail Would you love more living space in your home? Utilising your property’s underground space might not be something you’ve considered before but it can be an excellent space-gaining solution. No need to worry about dark and damp spaces; modern basement architecture has come a long way, with... Read more »
Congratulations Pip Phillips
Published on: 18 Nov 2016
Pip Congratulations Pip! Pip Phillips in Granit's Architecture team has recently graduated from the University of Westminster with his Part III qualification. He is now a fully qualified Architect. The Part III qualification is the final stage in a long process for architectural students to... Read more »
Why You Should Appoint a Chartered Architects’ Practice
Published on: 14 Oct 2016
riba_chartered_practice_logo When you look at Architects' practices, you may notice some – like Granit – are Chartered Practices. But what does this mean and why should you appoint a Chartered Practice? To achieve Chartered Architect status a practice needs to meet the Royal Institute of British... Read more »
How to Create a Practical and Beautiful Utility Room
Published on: 20 Sep 2016
Utility Room Design Utility rooms are the unsung heroes of modern interior design. They may be small but they keep unsightly muddy boots, appliances and clutter out of the way of your main living space, almost like a secret behind-the-scenes area. With the popularity of today’s open plan living, this is... Read more »
Utility rooms are the unsung heroes of modern interior design. They may be small but they keep unsightly muddy boots, appliances and clutter out of the way of your main living space, almost like a secret behind-the-scenes area. Utility Room Design With the popularity of today’s open plan living, this is becoming ever more crucial. You don’t want your guests to see your laundry drying or have to shout above the noise of the washing machine during dinner - and it’s great to have an extra space to whisk those dirty dishes away to. Out of sight, out of mind!  The practicality of a utility room can be a real life-changer, even in the smallest of spaces, but to really work they need to be well thought-out. Badly designed spaces become unusable and chaotic, whereas clever storage and great design can create a utility room that really works for you and your home. Follow our handy guide if an organised and uncluttered utility room is your aim for creating domestic bliss... Step 1: Make a plan The best way to start designing your utility room is to think about what you want to use the room for and work backwards from there. Want to have a space for washing and drying clothes? A place for washing dishes and storing kitchen items? Or maybe you need somewhere to hose down muddy dogs (or children)? Which function, or functions, will improve your life the most? Step 2: Size up your space Once you know what you want to use your new utility room for, you can decide on the best space for it. In an ideal world, it will be located next to an external door with easy access to services such as drainage for waste water. Many people find it most useful to have their utility room next to the kitchen but that's not essential - a utility room could be a great way to utilise some un-used cellar space, or could even be located in a disused bedroom. Step 3: Draw up your design When space is minimal, you need to utilise every square inch of it. Ideas like stacking your washing machine and tumble drier on shelves on top of each other, opting for tall units, and using foldable wall mounted drying racks (or even a pulley maid on the ceiling) can help you fit a surprising amount into a small space! Wall units, coat hooks and shoe storage can also be useful - and do consider placing an extractor fan in your utility room to help combat damp. Save your pennies for more visible rooms and opt for simple but functional units. Consulting a professional team at this stage can open your eyes to storage solutions and designs you might not have considered. Step 4: The finishing touches Just because your utility room is a practical space, that doesn't mean it can't look good too. After all, you still want to be in a pleasant environment while you're doing the laundry! It is worth choosing a durable Eggshell paint that can be wiped clean for utility rooms. Similarly, when you're thinking about your flooring, choosing tiles or moisture-proof laminates will make mopping much easier. Other than that, choose whichever colour schemes appeal to you, whether you want to create a calm oasis of muted tones or a small pop of bright colour. You could read our blog post on choosing colours [] to give you some ideas on how to get the right blend for your home Contact our interior design team if you would like help planning out your utility room. ×