How Good Interior Design Contributes to Developer Profits

In the competitive world of commercial housing development, a great unit isn’t guaranteed to fly off the shelves. Often that’s largely down to the fact that many buyers don’t have the imagination to make a house a home. Our extensive experience in the private residential sector has given us a rare insight into the realms of pre-purchase preparation, and as such we’ve witnessed first-hand the positive impact a great interior design scheme can have on the sales process.

We’ve put our heads together to share some of our interiors secrets for housing developers nationwide. Here’s why we recommend all developers invest in an interior design scheme to drive the best return on investment:

Interior designers spark imagination

There are no two ways about it; ensuring that housing developments are enticing enough to drive ROI falls to the job of the stylist rather than the architect. Even the savviest of salesmen will struggle to push a property without a little visual stimulation.

The benefits of well-considered interior design in a pre-sale property are tenfold, but our experience has shown that there are three key areas that really drive sales. Space configuration, careful consideration of fixed finishes, and the ability to hide unsightly services are areas that can completely transform a property. Getting this right can help to create an inviting space for prospective buyers to visualise living in.

Interior designers are also strategists

A lot of background research goes into every design solution. A good interior designer will approach a job with a two-pronged approach, including both trend insights and customer profiling.

Creating a space that appeals to the right customer is about understanding the needs of a group of people who are yet to cross the threshold. This means having an intuitive grasp of the market and what their lifestyle requirements are – something we have developed through proximity to our end user clients.

This philosophy extends to the art of upselling and personalisation too, which can act like a magnet to more affluent homes buyers with luxury budgets. Would your clients pay more for a choice of kitchen and bathroom fixtures and finish?

Interior designers know the right people

Our ‘black book’ of suppliers mean we have a detailed understanding of what’s available, with access to materials, technology, fixtures and fittings that are new to the market, alongside tried and tested design solutions.

We can also fully influence and control any design changes happening on site, helping to avoid costly revisions and site delays. Being in close communication with suppliers and contractors mean that interior designers can keep the detail of a development on track throughout the build process.

You can find some of our recommended partners and suppliers here. 

Interior designers are creative

This is probably the most compelling reason to have an interior designer on the build team. Our years of experience have taught us many things about the property market, and one fact that we see confirmed time and time again is that sellers don’t appreciate catalogue-style interiors.

Creating a look and feel that is bespoke and unique, and encourages viewers to believe they’re experiencing something above the grade of the average development property, is all part of magnifying the benefits of a potential home.

Essentially a better product will sell more quickly and by paying close attention to the details, an interior designer can help to reduce your time on the market.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Granit’s interior design team can help maximise your profits from investments in housing development, contact us today. We’re always happy to share our wide breadth of knowledge and skills with developers interested in putting high-quality homes onto the market.