Have you Considered Steel Framed Windows?

In the world of design, trends come and go, but there are some interior – and exterior – traits that stand the test of time and always seem to push through into new schemes. One of those long-lasting aesthetics is the industrial look, categorised by exposed brick walls, steel window frames, and a focus on the raw materials at work.

Popular for decades and often paired with evolving trends to create new, exciting interiors with undeniable endurance, these distinct design ingredients are in hot demand once more. As we begin to put more focus and value on the base structure of our buildings, the actual construction materials are as much an aesthetic feature as a part of the building.

Where did Steel Framed Windows Originate?

As early as the 1800s, steel framed windows were being used in factories and warehouses to create large expanses of glazing at an affordable cost – glass was hugely expensive to create in the panel sizes we work with today. With slim steel glazing bars and a signature grid pattern, the need for wooden frames and bulky joinery was no longer required, and it became possible to flood previously dark and dingy buildings with natural light.

Whilst starting out life to improve working conditions in manufacturing locations, this practical and distinct look has since been utilised in the most upmarket of establishments to achieve the same bright, light interiors without the cost of oversized glazing sheets. They also add some industrial charm to the unlikeliest of host buildings.

Why Steel Framed Windows?

Amongst the many aesthetic benefits of using a steel framed window, the most compelling reason for its inclusion in an interior scheme is to allow the maximum amount of light into a room in a seamless, consistent manner. Steel framed windows allow for full walls of glazing of any height, creating a beautifully lit space with often dramatic and beautiful shadowing too. We find they can also feel softer, warmer and more inviting than large panels of seamless glazing too.

Aside from aesthetic reasons, steel framed windows can be lower cost than other methods of glazing, which is generally an expensive element of any build.

In conjunction with the iconic window style, steel framed doors can be flawlessly integrated into the glazing pattern to create an almost unnoticeable transition into an entry point without interrupting the effect of the full window.

At Granit the effect of steel framed windows and doors hasn’t been lost on us, and we’ve incorporated them into many of our projects. They provide a multitude of other benefits too, including enlarging smaller spaces by drawing the eye further to the outdoors and creating the unmissable opportunity of opening-up green space into main living areas.

We’ve also used steel framed windows to span double height walls, flooding stairwells with light and making a feature of the most unlikely spots in a home.

Our love of geometry means we have been able to use steel-framed windows in many dimensions to achieve a fantastic visual effect that complements the construction elements. The emerging trend for matte black finishes against brick and greenery you can achieve with steel framed windows are such a great combination, we’re sure to be designing this look into more and more of our projects.

For more information about how we can help you achieve industrial chic and create an enduring interior with quality materials, please get in touch. We will be happy to talk about your design options.

Project images used in this post:

Wandsworth Common Westside

Briarwood Road