How to Choose Soft Furnishings

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We’ve all done it – spent an afternoon falling into the Pinterest wormhole, only to resurface many hours later feeling dazed and confused about how to achieve all these wonderful interior décor looks in our own homes. One thing you might notice about dream interiors is the presence of soft furnishings and accessories, which add a great deal of warmth and personality to any space. Our favourite thing about playing with these elements is the fact that they’re so easily updateable, so you can go bold, be wild, and make your home truly special.

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Here are our five top tips for accessorising:

1. Textures are Key

If patterns and colour frighten you, or you consider your taste more refined, then texture is a fantastic place to start. Try mixing rough materials like raffia with textural fabrics such as linens or wools to bring depth and diversity to a scheme. For added style points, layer up sheer fabrics like silk or fine cotton with rougher home accessories to bring contrast in without having to make bold colour choices. Remember – there’s a whole world of textiles out there.

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2. Don’t be Afraid

Okay, we’ve eased you in with texture, but the truth is that if ever there’s a time to go bold then it’s with your soft furnishings. Try clashing colours, clashing prints, and opting for a pick ’n’ mix attitude to your styling… you might love the results, and you can bet they’ll be unique. Having a mix of arresting patterns in a home amps up the excitement and, if you’re unsure, can be kept within the same tonal palette.

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3. Think Seasonally

The lovely thing about textiles and accessories is that they don’t break the bank, and can be updated and added to in order to suit the season. In winter, why not layer up area rugs with smaller sheepskins, throw some velvet cushions on your armchairs, and drape sofa arms with thick, gorgeous throws for chilly evenings. In summer, bring the outside in with botanical textiles, sheer fabrics, and pops of bright colour where your winter palette once lived.

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4. Play with Shapes

A top tip for helping your home look like it’s fresh out of the pages of Elle Decoration, without losing the warmth and usability that a lived-in home has, is to try and avoid repetition which can often look over-styled and sterile. Opt for a playful attitude towards furnishings such as cushions by mixing different sizes and layering up your favourites – we love big, plump, square cushions next to neat and narrow bolster styles.

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5. It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

We’ve covered the basics of how to make your textiles and accessories look amazing, but the real trick to an interior that feels as luxurious and considered as possible is to think a little deeper about your ingredients. What kind of cushions do you want on your sofa? Feather is excellent for standing to attention but feeling soft and expensive when touched, but the constant plumping and feather-gathering may not be quite your style. Foam inners are excellent for maintaining their shape but don’t have the relaxed quality that natural fibres offer. Fibre-filled cushions are the most common choice for homeowners, as they offer the great benefits of feather and down without the allergy and maintenance issues. That being said, they feel lower quality, so choose wisely.

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If you’re looking to create a Pinterest-worthy interior scheme in your home, starting with a selection of soft furnishings is the perfect way to add character and play with your design style. At Granit, we know that achieving that dream isn’t always as easy as it seems, but we’re always on hand to offer expert design advice, and with our years of design know-how and our keen eye for giving spaces the ‘wow-factor’ we’re confident we can help you achieve your dream home.

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