How to Dress a High Impact Show Home

Designing a Show Home

Convincing homebuyers that your development is their dream is no mean feat. A well-dressed show home can give you a helping hand when it comes to giving prospective buyers the idea of what a plot is soon to become. Getting the styling right can make all of the difference between selling out before completion, or dropping your sale prices on stock that’s sitting empty on the market.

At Granit, we are experts at creating beautiful homes. We regularly use this expertise to help our commercial property developer clients to create high impact show homes. You can contact us here for some tailored advice, or read on for some helpful suggestions for how to dress a high impact show home with real buying appeal.

1. Know your buyer

You will have designed your development with a specific target market in in mind. The first step is to familiarise yourself with their personas and requirements:

  • Are they buying a new home or an investment?
  • What is their professional status and does the location lend itself to a particular type of buyer?
  • Are they a growing family or are the children about the leave the nest?
  • Do they have contemporary or traditional tastes?
  • Would they be more enticed by a playroom or a reading room?

Having a good idea of who might be coming to view your show home will allow you to create an environment that will echo the needs of your particular prospective buyer.

2. Be financially realistic

The overarching motivation behind furnishing a show home is to give buyers a realistic representation of the potential of the space and to help them visualise themselves living there.

As a result, the finish needs to be appropriate for the target market. For a family with five children, two dogs and a modest income, a luxury white carpet and crystal finishes on every surface simply wouldn’t be appropriate and won’t help encourage a sale. Having a good understanding of the right brands for the right user will help too: are they more Gaggenau, Miele or Beco for example.


It’s also a bit of a trade secret that empty rooms look half the size of furnished ones. Be clever with furniture choices as they can have a dramatic impact on people’s experience of your show home.

3. Demonstrate style potential

Although realism is important, a show home is an opportunity to show people the raw potential of a space and to make them feel excited about the possibilities.

Be bold with style choices, make the spaces feel comfortable and usable, experiment with interesting fabrics and finishes, make clever use of hidden spaces, test natural stone and porcelain finishes and really sell the dream. Good lighting design is important too and a custom scheme will enhance the feeling of luxury.

Don’t forget to accessorise too; light fittings, lamps, vases, pictures all need to communicate the potential. In modern homes technology is important too, with buyers interested in eco technologies, lighting control systems, multi-room music systems and cinema style AV. These are all optional extras that can add to your sale prices and margins.


Granit’s interior design team has relationships with suppliers of everything from paints and tiles, to kitchen and bathroom furniture and audio-visual technology that helps us to create the perfect look and feel.

Buyers should walk through the door and fall in love, not just with the home, but the lifestyle they’re buying into. Try and play up to that idea as much as possible.

Play to people’s fantasies and set their imagination running. But beware; there is a skill to getting the balance right between being over designed and too neutral.

4. Bring the outside up to scratch

Although making the inside of a show home full of wow moments is an important part of the process, a property still needs to look the part from initial impact to leave a lasting impression. In today’s market, kerb appeal has as much selling power as the rest of a property, and buyers are looking for beautiful, safe neighbourhoods in which to live.

Creating an outside that gets people engaged and curious about what’s on the other side of the door is all about care and detail, from perfectly painted doors to thoughtful doormats to neatly trimmed paths.

5. Get some professional advice

Styling a show home correctly can have significant results for both buyer and developer. Not only does it show off the fantastic homes on offer, it allows people to properly engage with the space, to start developing a narrative, to spark ideas about products and finishes, and it even helps sell future development plots on the basis of reputation and end result.

If you want to create the feeling that a buyer could move right in, but you simply don’t know where to start when it comes to constructing a liveable interior lifestyle, please get in touch with our expert interior design team here at Granit.

We’re experts at putting the hearts into show homes, and we may just add the extra touch your development requires to sell out quickly and maximise your margin.