How to Introduce Metals to your Interiors

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Keeping up with interior trends can seem like an impossible task, with the fashions constantly changing and evolving to create complex – and sometimes seemingly unachievable – new styles.

Here at Granit, we’re focussed on creating beautiful, liveable interiors that ooze style but maintain homeliness and comfort. Our expertise in the area has given us a strong reputation as providers of beautiful, functional, timeless spaces that use modern trends but don’t fall victim to age. One of our favourite 2016 trends is the introduction of metal into interiors.

Metal doesn’t necessarily mean industrial, and can be used to create soft, glamorous spaces in any location. Here are some of our top tips for how you can use metal in your own interior.

Stick to the details

Introducing metal to your interior spaces doesn’t mean making it cold and uncomfortable, because creating a warm and inviting interior is often about using juxtapositions in the right way. For example, the softness and plushness of beautiful white cotton is emphasised against the roughness of a metal bed frame or sitting alongside a rusted photo frame.

If you’re looking to incorporate metal a la 2016, we suggest tying a room together with some little details – copper taps, a brass handrail, or perhaps some metal handles on an old dresser, or you could even make a feature of a collection of vintage pots and pans hanging in the kitchen. There are plenty of companies that offer metal accessories, but we love Samuel Heath because they offer high quality, timeless extras that really tie a room together. For a more contemporary finish we love Dornbracht and Hansgrohe too.

Be bold and brave

Using little details to introduce metal is the best way to ease into a new style, but there’s no reason not to fully embrace the trend. Metal needn’t be overpowering, and as we mentioned, can be softened with plush accessories to reintroduce warmth and glamour if necessary. Metal wall finishes such as textured panels can create a really cool, industrial feature, and there are some enviable metal floorings that work a treat in monochromatic spaces.

Do some digging

The hottest metals on the market right now come in three forms – rose gold, copper, and bronze. Each of these finishes offers a different feel within a space – rose gold, for example, is warm, glamorous and young, and offsets warm tones beautifully. Copper is current and edgy, adds a little bit of an industrial feel, and offsets bold colours and whites with a punchiness that other metals don’t offer. Brass adds a sense of grandeur, and is associated with high-end interiors and quality finishes. Brass is the sophisticated older brother of copper and works especially well with white and dark wood.

We love brass with a traditional black and white tiled floor. There are, however, many metal finishes you can opt for within a space, and many variations of these options too. Copper, for example, can come polished or oxidised for a very different final effect. Make sure you dig around and do some research to not only find the most appropriate metal for the job, but the best aesthetic result within your interior.

Need help?

If you’re looking to revamp your space to keep up with current trends, why not think about introducing some metal. You can always contact our interior design team in London that has experience covering residential, commercial, restaurant and office sectors. Our interior design team always focuses on creating a warm, inviting interior space that uses trends in a way that doesn’t overpower the space, but works to achieve an amazing overall atmosphere.

If you’re interested in how we can help you to overhaul your interior, contact us today.