How to Make your Bathroom Feel Bigger

Is there anything more luxurious than a beautiful big bathroom? Luckily, if yours is on the small size, there are plenty of easy ways to create a feeling of space and light by using clever design tricks.

Here are our 7 top tips to make your bathroom feel bigger: 

1. Be smart with large tiling

We believe large format tiles are a superb choice for creating the sense of a bigger space in your bathroom, especially if you apply the same colour to walls and floors. Take the tiles upwards vertically to draw the eye around the space – and avoid horizontal lines or colour blocks which tend to break up the visual flow.

For a sense of calm and space you want your eye to travel around the room seeing clean lines and feature pieces, not awkward spaces or build-up of clutter.

2. Speaking of which… tidy up!

Nothing makes a space feel busy and unattractive faster than clutter. Make sure everything has a home in your bathroom – ideally hidden away – and minimise what you store in there.Rather than having dozens of bottles along the bath, put your favourite bath product into a crystal decanter and hide the others inside a vanity.Keep surfaces clean and curate decorative items very carefully.

3. Lift furniture upwards

Wall-mounting bathroom furniture automatically makes space feel bigger by increasing the amount of floor space that can be seen. Aim to elevate toilets and cabinets and choose a bath with feet. Of course, you may not actually use the bath at all, in which case why not remove it and free up valuable space for a modern, spacious wet room with a walk-in shower?

4. Consider bespoke

Invest in bespoke built-in joinery, such as mirrored cabinets, a vanity unit or a linen cupboard.By designing custom-made pieces, space will be maximised, items will be neatly stored away and the bathroom will feel more spacious and organised. Built-in joinery prevents a bathroom from feeling cluttered.

5. Bring in light

The more natural light you can bring into your bathroom, the bigger it will feel. You can do this by adding reflective materials such as mirrors opposite windows to reflect natural light and make the bathroom feel bright and twice the size!

6. Consider accessories carefully

Avoid a mishmash of different designs, colours and styles. For example, choose one colour or pattern for your towelling and carry it through. For any art prints, gather them onto one space rather than scattering across the walls, for a calming, relaxing finish. Remember, pale colours and reflective surfaces will bounce light and create that wonderful spacious feeling.

7. Get professional help

A good interior designer will be able to work their magic with your space – whether you need a re-model and fresh layout to optimise the usable space or a coherent, holistic design that creates a calm sanctuary. That professional look is easy to achieve with the help of an experienced interior designer and you’ll be amazed at the transformational results!

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