Interior Design Trends for 2017

If like us, you’ve been furiously scribbling down ideas for self-improvement over the last few weeks, then you’re part of the 32% of optimistic Brits making New Year’s resolutions in 2017 – and hopefully not part of the 63% who abandon these promises mere months in!

Luckily we’re on hand to help, sharing the hottest interior design trends for 2017 so that your goal to stay ahead of the game can already be checked off the list.

A colour update

Colours are a big part of a yearly trend refresh, and Pantone always lead the way with their Colour of the Year. Last year’s colours were a perfectly pastel pairing of Rose Quartz and Serenity, which eagle-eyed style gurus will have spotted teamed with copper and marble in just about every high-end interior styling from January onwards.

This year’s colour is Greenery, a fresh and rich tone perfect for teaming with foliage (authentic, of course), with the layering of matching colours getting a big thumbs up from us in 2017.

Jewel tones are also set to be huge this year, with deep shades of emerald, sapphire, navy and umber coming together to create a warm palette of intergalactic shades.

We’re mad about brushed metals, and these elements paired together create a gorgeous juxtaposition of textures that sit really well in the home. In particular, we are anticipating that bathrooms will be this year’s room of choice, with matte base layers, opulent colour palettes and fine metals coming together to create a luxurious bathing zone.

interior design trends for bathrooms 2017

As always, pastel colours are still a hit, and Dulux’s Denim Drift is a great way to integrate dusty blues and grey hues into a space without making it feel heavy.

interior design with denim drift

Create quiet space

We’re slowly seeing a subtle decline in open-plan living, and 2017 welcomes a new era of segmented space and escapism. This new space-planning ethos celebrates broken-plan living, interrupting the open flow by creating private nooks, quiet spaces, reading corners, elevated dining platforms, and suspended spaces away from the main hub of a building.

Interior Design trends home office

As a simple solution, dividers such as screens and bookcases are an excellent alternative to physical changes around the home, and you can be really inventive with how this idea is expressed.

Alternatively, a change in furnishings or wall colour, tone, or even light quality can easily distinguish key features of a room and help you to create effective zoning in an open space.

Consider your geometry

Just as our 2017 colour palette is returning to a slightly retro seventies feel, so are other aspects around the home as we see a rise in the popularity of patterns. This year’s design mantra is all about being bold and brave, using furnishings in vivid colours offset with musky nudes and tying these all together with wild plants and clashing geometry.

interior design trends with tiles

We’re waving goodbye to the incumbent subway tile and welcoming patterned splashbacks in the kitchen, and in the bedroom are expecting to see a surge in demand for upholstered bedheads in confident patterns to create a focal point with a textural quality.

Integrate to elevate

The key design direction emerging from these 2017 interior design trends is one of statement spaces emblazoned with intense bursts of rich colour, and this means that the architecture of the space in which it sits needs to exhale and become part of the back story.

interior design using red

We’re anticipating a rising desire for integrated services and clean lines, particularly in the kitchen, and expecting to see elements such as walk-in showers return to the forefront of design taste to help extend the existing lines in the bathroom to create a seamless journey.

This uniformity and subtlety of space will be offset with rough, raw natural materials to create an interplay of line work that feels mindful and considered. For texture and colour with minimal interruption cork will be a big hit this year with everything from stools to wallcoverings, replacing 2016’s penchant for chipboard.

At Granit, we make it our year-round goal to stay on top of the latest interior design trends and to bring these to our clients in new and imaginative ways – take a look at our Pinterest board for some more ideas and inspiration.

If one of your resolutions is to create a happier, healthier space that ticks all of the year’s trends, then contact us today to find out how we can create a lasting, stylish interior fit for the new year.