Interview with Deltalight’s Luisa Scardovi

Interior Design Workshops

As we approach the third in our Interior Design Workshops it’s time to introduce another of our expert speakers…

The next session is being held at lighting specialists Deltalight and our expert is Luisa Scardovi, a renowned lighting design expert. Luisa will be joined by our interior designers on the evening to explore the impact of lighting on interior design, the current trends and a glimpse at what we can expect in the future.

Enough from us, let’s hear from Luisa…

About YouLuisa Scardovi

1. What’s your area of expertise?

Architecture and lighting design.

2. What is it about Lighting that inspires you to go to work every day?

The curiosity of exploring new ideas and challenges and the day-to-day interaction with architects and interior designers.

About Lighting

3. What are the key product trends?

Generally: lighting in relation to human well being.

Technically: ‘tuneable white’ effects, energy saving and wireless controls. From a decorative point of view: glass and metals with a craftsmanship flavour.

4. How have they changed since you started working in the industry?

LED has almost entirely replaced the traditional light sources (halogens, metal halide, fluorescents). Therefore the use of light and its ‘look’ has changed. There are a lot more choices available.

5. What’s the next big thing in Lighting?

Lighting usually follows architectural ‘trends’ and social transformations. I think that at the moment there’s a growing consciousness about the environment and our response to nature which is leading to more and more ‘green’ projects.

Wild urbanism is becoming more popular and I think that architects and designers are exploring the interaction between daylight and artificial lighting in order to create more human-centric and environmentally friendly projects.

Lighting control is evolving too, but there’s also a growing attention to light as a ‘medium’ to transfer data and information. I think that we’re facing a moment of transformation after which lighting may not be ‘just’ a way to illuminate objects and spaces anymore, but something definitely more complex. Whether this is a good thing or not, we’ll have to wait and see!

6. Are there any pieces of advice you most frequently give to your customers?

Do not follow recommendations on light levels blindly and do not reduce everything to a number without considering the architecture and the occupants’ requirements.

Think about the human perception of space. Consider every room almost like the stage of a theatre. Our eyes are drawn to light, think about what you want to revel and what you want to conceal or, at least, leave unnoticed.

7. Which products would you specify/have you specified for your own home?

Variety would be my keyword: layering well gives richness and flexibility unless a minimalist look is required.

Try to mix indirect & direct light sources. Use accents of light where most needed to create interesting decorative elements, such as feature pendants and wall lights, as well as task lights e.g. table lamps and reading lamps, if required by the end user.

Every project is differen. There isn’t a specific product I would recommend without knowing what the space looks like and its intended uses.

About the Workshops

8. What will attendees learn from you at the Interior Design Workshop with Granit?

I believe they will become more conscious about lighting, its potential and the extreme variety of applications/results. They should be able to understand how certain light effects – and products – react with and affect the environment.

9. Where can people find out more about you / how can people contact you if they have questions?

They can write to me by clicking here.

They could also have a look at l_scardovi on Instagram. I mainly post pictures of light effects in architecture, whatever inspires me and surprises me every day.

To find out more click here. Unfortunately, this session is now FULLY BOOKED, but we still have spaces for the other workshops on bathroom design, joinery and tiles/tiling trends too.