Practical Interior Tips for Family Homes

Tips-for Family Friendly Interiors

We often hear from people who are looking to rejuvenate their homes but don’t know how to do so without sacrificing functionality, so we thought it was about time we shared some of our practical but stylish interior design ideas for family homes with children.

Double up your resources

One of our best pieces of advice that we’re always dishing out to families is to use materials that work in more than one way. Our favourite example is blackboard paint, because it has a gorgeous matte finish that gives a modern feel to your home, but also creates a canvas for jotting down messages, making lists, entertaining the kids, or simply as an artistic outlet.

You can also buy whiteboard paint and dry-wipe film that offers a whole host of practical options for families. Equally, magnetic paint is a brilliant way to get organised, as it allows you the freedom of attaching the kids’ artwork, your next dentist appointment, or the neighbour’s holiday instructions to any wall with almost no effort required.

Best of all, these paints afford you the opportunity to push the boundaries and have a little fun with your interior expectations, and are much more affordable than installing bulky, unsightly metal panels or trying to find attractive chalkboards that fit your space.

Work with the space you’ve got

We all lust after clear floors and empty hallways, but ultimately you need to work around the reality of your own space to achieve this dream. The best way to achieve the maximum potential from any room in your house is to have custom-fit storage put in place to work around your individual needs.

Having a busy family household usually means books, toys, cups, train sets, tents, shoes, biscuits, ball pits, sports equipment and scooters go without a home, and end up cluttering your interior. With custom storage you get the most amount of cupboard and shelf space for your interior, and each part can be tailored to your requirements of what must fit, meaning everything has a home out of sight, or in view if you prefer.

Tips for Family Interior Design Schemes

Consider your materials

It may sound obvious, but if you want a striking interior with an effect that lasts, you need to aim for durability – especially with children around! Silks are gorgeous and create a high-class feeling in any home, but they are not known for endurance and it won’t take long before you’re replacing those crayon-covered dream curtains with a cheaper alternative.

For a gorgeous home with longevity, opt for fabrics such as leather, wool, and cotton. Wool works well for any soft and sumptuous textiles around your home, offering a heaviness and sense of quality that is not tarnished by frequent handling or wrinkling, and rarely fades or spoils. Cotton is a brilliant alternative to a fabric such as linen that has poor endurance, and cotton is extremely versatile. It is light yet sturdy, and can be washed and even dyed to remove any evidence from clumsy family members.

Are you trying to modernise your family home without compromising its practical elements? Contact Granit’s interior design team to find out how we create custom design solutions that are the perfect balance of swoon-worthy and sensible.