Our clients – the directors of a print work firm – are retiring and closing their business. Their brief is for us to design a scheme that will achieve planning and ultimately realise the full value of the site. They are taking a long-term view and want to leave a legacy for Croydon through well-designed, sustainable homes.

The scheme includes nine self-contained living units that have been designed to carefully sit with the context of the surrounding residences, but with a semi-industrial feel to reflect the history of the site. Each property has an outdoor garden area and parking space.

The site is not without challenges.

It is located in between two rows of houses, which creates complications around access, shared boundaries and ‘overlooking’. To help overcome these challenges we have positioned the homes at angles that face away from the adjacent homes and gardens, creating desirable south facing homes.

We are looking forward to taking this scheme forward to planning and ultimately to seeing the homes built.

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