Smart Storage for Toys

Storage for Toys

With Christmas now upon us, the issue of storage for toys becomes more pressing than ever.

Every parent knows that kids are hugely reluctant to let go of old toys, even when they get new ones! So how can you prevent floors from becoming scattered with children’s play items? It all comes down to getting the right storage for toys.

Here at Granit, our interior design team has a few easy suggestions to help!

1. Make a feature of storage

Storage for family homes often works best when it serves a dual purpose. So, if you have a bay window, then consider building a storage bench seat into it with integrated storage underneath. Large feature trunks also work very well. You can pop toys and general family detritus into them at the end of the day, and use them to double up as design features, informal steps and even extra seating for visiting kids.


2. Colour co-ordinated cube storage

IKEA is perhaps the best example of this. Look at their cube and shelf storage options that come with a range of co-ordinating boxes. There are low-cost fabric boxes in funky colours and designs that are ideal for children’s bedrooms and a very cost-effective way of storing toys. If you really want to be inspired, Google IKEA hacks to see how other people have customised their IKEA furniture to make something truly special and unique.

You could also help children to organise their belongings by using colour co-ordinated boxes. For example, green could be the colour for toy cars, blue for soft toys and yellow for dolls and tidy them away in tall cupboards. Here at Granit we believe a rainbow spectrum also looks beautiful!

Storage ideas for toys

3. Custom joinery

If your budget can stretch a little further, then custom joinery is a great choice. Consider full-height storage built into underused corners or alcoves with adjustable shelves and drawers, or hinged flat panel doors that can disappear into the wall.

We have worked on many projects with a variety of joiners and can design something bespoke to fit perfectly into any space.

Open plan kitchen area

4. Smart furniture

You can also choose furniture for your child’s room that maximises space and offers functional storage solutions. For example, cabin and modular beds often manage to combine a bunk bed, desk and storage areas in a very compact space. Look for drawers, wall tubs and pockets for other neat features.

Children's Bedroom

5. Reduce, reuse and recycle

Once you’ve got your storage solutions in place, then commit to waging a regular war on clutter in the home! Get your children into the habit of identifying toys and other possessions which they are happy to gift on, share with a friend or family or give to the charity shop when they either grow out of themĀ or get a replacement. By avoiding the temptation to hoard, their play space will instantly become clearer, more creative and infinitely more enjoyable for you both.

At Granit, we have over 25 years experience of designing beautiful homes and we would love to hear from you if you need expert advice. Please contact us here.