10.5 Reasons to Work with Granit

Planning Permission Chelmsford City Council

It’s 33 years since we launched Granit, and in that time, there’s been a long-running mantra of giving our clients the best possible service. This means we add as much value as we can at every stage of a construction project, from initial feasibility to practical completion and every decision made in between.

If you are thinking of appointing an architect or interior designer, here are the top 10 (and a half) reasons why we think it should be Granit:

1: Integrated architectural and interior design service from the outset

Every project gets the benefit of an Interior Designer assisting with spatial design and assisting with a choice of materials, lighting, fixtures and fittings like kitchens and bathrooms. We work hand in hand to provide our clients with a holistic design service. Read more about the interior design service here.

2: In-house professional Point-Cloud Modelling capability

We have access to the latest technology to scan and measured buildings to millimetre accuracy, reducing risk in the project and aiding both the planning and construction stages. Read more about this here.

3: We produce a full 3d CAD model that allows our clients to ‘walk-through’ every project

This 3d model can be used on an iPhone, iPad or other smart devices and really helps our clients to visualise the proposed spaces and aid decision-making. See a demonstration of this capability here.

4: 30+ years of experience in designing homesĀ 

We have the right blend of experience and newer members with the latest ideas in our team. This mixture of grey hair and youthful energy helps us deliver beautiful, sustainable, pragmatic projects.

5: Big enough to resource your project sufficiently, small enough to offer a bespoke service

Each project is led by a senior Architect or Interior Designer, assisted by other team members. Each leader works on only 3-4 projects at a time, at different stages – in other words, each client is very important to us, and you get a lot of our time for the service.

Remember, you are employing us to think, problem solve and provide value at each stage, not simply draw up your ideas.

6: Long-standing relationships with quality building contractors, professional partners and suppliers

We try not to reinvent the wheel on every project. Buildings are complicated enough!

By working with an established team of partners with whom we have a great rapport, we can deliver efficiencies and set clear boundaries of responsibility. This collaborative approach reduced risk for our clients.

7: In-house expertise on sustainability

George Holland, our in-house expert on all things sustainability, is driving the practice’s agenda and systems to assist our clients with holistic advice on the best approach for refurbishment and new build houses with the environment in mind.

You can read more about it here:

8: Proven track record in gaining planning permission and listed building consent across many different councils

We have worked in every Borough in London and most across the South-East, as can be seen in this interactive map. We take a rigorous approach to each application, with a detailed analysis of relevant policies and a detailed design and access statement.

We also work with planning and heritage consultants with expertise in different building types or geographical areas. We have a flexible approach to each project depending on the challenges, which may require a pre-app and close consultation with the council, as can be seen from recent planning successes. We also have a high success rate at appeal if we need to take it to another level.

9: We are a RIBA Chartered Practice

Being a Chartered practice, we are required to have more regular training on legislation and best practice in design than other non-chartered practices. You can read more about what this means here.

10: Friendly team to welcome you at every meeting

The architectural and interior design process should be fun and rewarding for our clients and our team. We hold meetings in our studio in Clapham, which we designed from scratch. We have a relaxed but hard-working approach to work and get to know many of our clients well over the one or two years we work together.

You can meet the team here.

What’s the extra half?

Our office dog, Doodle, is always on hand to welcome our clients when they come into the office.

If you are looking to appoint an architect or interior designer, you are interested in design and a collaborative approach to problem-solving, you will probably enjoy working with our team.

Please get in touch here to discuss your project.