2011 Customer Satisfaction Scores

Something we take seriously at Granit is customer satisfaction. It goes without saying that we will only thrive as a company if we keep our clients happy. It’s not rocket science really.

To keep us on track we regularly ask for feedback and monitor monthly how we think we are doing with all of our clients. This helps us to focus on the day to day business of providing an architectural service, but we also monitor our long term performance with an annual customer satisfaction survey. This year was no exception and we ran the survey as usual in June.

The response we received was overwhelmingly positive and respresented the highest response rate to date. We won’t share results from the entire survey, but here are just a few of the highlights:

  • 96% would employ Granit Architects again
  • 96% received what they were expecting from an architect
  • 80% are either very or extremely satisfied with the service received overall
  • 76% are very or extremely likely to refer us to friends and family
  • 73% of customers rated our communications as very or extremely clear

You can imagine we’re pretty happy with those scores. However we will also be taking a closer look at the performance trends over the years we’ve been running the survey. This will help us to make sure everything is heading in the right direction.

Of course we aren’t going to pretend we’re perfect. There is always room for improvement and the survey helps us to pinpoint problem areas and make changes. This year we have identified two areas to address:

  • How we explain our fee structures and payment stages so there are no surprises
  • How we can encourage the contractors our clients choose to deliver a good service

To encourage our clients to take part in our survey we always offer an incentive – this year a £100 gift voucher for London’s Chez Bruce restaurant. The winner this year was Andrew Levy, who was delighted to receive the prize…

“Amazing..thank you.
I can’t believe I was the only one who completed it :-)…only kidding..
Glad to have been of help and refreshing to know companies actually do give prizes when they say they will!”

Thanks to all those who took part in our survey this year.