283 Reasons Why Green Retrofit is Important

Last weekend was London Open House and we did just that, opening up the house of Granit Director and Architect Robert Wilson.

We are particularly proud of this house, not just because of the design, but importantly because of its green credentials. Our goal was to incorporate as much sustainable design and green retrofit technology into the property as we could. With many projects we find these elements are the first to be removed when tender returns come in, but this time around, as client and architect, we had much more scope to experiment.

The results have been fantastic. The house has gained a lot of attention with people interested in sustainable design, from journalists to awards judges and most recently as part of London’s Open House. In fact in one day we guided 283 visitors around the house, all of whom wanted to know more about sustainable design and green retrofit. A great result for us as we continue to shout about the value of sustainable design. We hope this will help to convince more people to design their homes with the environment in mind.

If you were not able to make it on Saturday don’t worry, you can see a short video below with highlights of the house and some commentary from the two Granit Architects involved in the project – Robert Wilson (who was also the client) and James Munro.

You can also see a slideshow of photographs from the house here.

If you are interested in sustainable design and green retrofit we would be delighted to talk and you can find out contact details here. We were delighted to raise a small sum of money for Maggie’s Centres from donations on the day too.