We are a team of architects and interior designers. We believe in the value of great design and how it positively impacts our lives, communities and the broader environment. We encourage all of our clients to consider sustainability a core principle in their projects, as we believe building design plays a critical role in addressing climate change.

We aim to deliver great design and achieve high customer satisfaction levels with all of our clients, whether they are renovating a private home or developing properties commercially. We are 100% employee-owned, which means every employee has a say in how the company is run. You can read about our core values below or get in touch to discuss your needs.


Creative Architectural and Interior Designers

As a design-led architecture studio, we pride ourselves on creative thinking and provide a unique design solution for every architectural and interior design project. Our creative vision, experience, and the relationships we have established help us to navigate the complexities of construction. We manage the details so you can stay focused on your goals – whether that’s a return on investment, award-winning architecture, a beautiful home, or all of those. Our architects, interior architects and designers are inspired by contextuality, people, natural light and the use of materials. We believe buildings should be beautiful, functional and sustainable and we use these principles as we strive to be one of the leading architecture firms in London.

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Joined up thinkers

We take a holistic approach to designing buildings, encompassing architecture, interior design, planning consents, legislation compliance and the detail to deliver coordinated construction information for every project. This management of the whole process is reinforced by our commitment to BIM and sustainable design. We believe in setting out to build what we design from the outset, so our designs are rooted in reality. We have the skills and resources to take projects from initial brief through to completion from our London architecture studio.

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Not just an architecture and inteior designer firm - a partner for the journey

We are a RIBA Chartered Practice with the people, resources, experience and office systems in place to deliver construction projects in a professional manner from our London architecture studio. We add value at all stages of the process, working closely and collaboratively with our clients and professional partners, forging long-term relationships. We guide our clients through the myriad of decisions in a construction project, from a broad spectrum of ideas down to a finite resolution – that moment when a completed building exceeds our clients’ expectations. We never lose sight of the practical, budgetary or commercial motivations behind a project.

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People first approach

Granit is 100% employee owned, with a team of bright, passionate individuals – ambitious, creative and determined. We have a collaborative style, working together in an open plan office that allows for healthy discussions and design debate. By putting people at the heart of our ethos, we are able to create personal, bespoke buildings and spaces that impact their lives and environment. Our team has the right blend of experience and inventive thinking that enables us to design and deliver beautiful projects for every client.

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Granit is Employee Owned

Granit is 100% employee-owned. We believe this is better for our team and for our clients. You can read more about it here.

Employee Owned Trust