Our team of architects and interior designers wholeheartedly believe that great design can positively impact our lives, the communities we inhabit, and the world around us. That’s why we aim to create beautiful and engaging buildings for every client. We are also careful to consider the environment in our work as building design is critical in addressing the climate crisis.

A critical measure of our success is how happy our clients are – which is essential considering how closely we work with our clients often over extended periods. We therefore monitor happiness carefully; you can read about our customers’ happiness and review our recent testimonials here.

Our core values are central to how we work, and we wrote them together as a team to ensure they truly reflect our ethos. They describe what we are like to work with and set us apart. See what you think:


Creative, Innovative and Brave

We will always strive to achieve the fullest potential with every project. This commitment requires us to be creative, innovative, and brave in our design decisions for our clients.



We will consider the big picture and the detail in design, maintaining a holistic view at every stage of the building process. There are hundreds and thousands of design decisions to make in building projects, and we will consider the impact of every single one.


Professional, Personable and Respectful

We will be good partners to our clients, colleagues, and collaborators. We will respect everyone’s expertise and the value they bring to our projects. We will always be good to work with.



We enjoy leading building projects and working with a skilled design team to help our clients achieve their goals. Our leadership revolves around our expertise in design, the relationships we enjoy with our partners and our understanding of how to craft beautiful buildings.

“We would absolutely recommend Granit. Everybody who comes to our new home is blown away by the transformation. They’ve helped us turn an unexciting 1930s house into a home with a real wow factor.”

Gayle Harrison