We believe every employee should have an opportunity to contribute to how our company is run and to benefit from its success.

We have always believed in a collaborative team effort rather than top-down instruction. Granit has run this way since we set up in 1988, and it’s part of our DNA. You can see it in everything we do, from the way we design buildings, where we go on our summer outings, the Christmas cards we send, and how we run our practice.

Granit’s owners decided in 2021 to transfer 100% of their shares into a new Employee Owned Trust, called Granit Trustees Ltd. You will know other companies their employees own, perhaps the most famous being John Lewis Partnership.

Operating this way empowers our team. It helps them feel more valued and is a vital tool for attracting talented architects, interior designers and practice management staff (and keeping them too). We reward all staff when the practice does well, as they are beneficiaries of our Employee Owned Trust.

This new ownership structure should help with the longevity of our practice. The team members are all interested in working with us for a long time, and we don’t have to worry so much about senior team members retiring. 

The impact on our clients is all positive. The company’s day-to-day running will not change, with the roles of directors, associates and our experienced team maintained. All of our team members now directly influence how the company is run and benefit from its success, which we believe will ensure they continue doing an excellent job for our clients.

There are lots of advantages that benefit both our team and our clients. We hope you will be able to enjoy these benefits, whether you work with us as a team member or a client.

We believe working this way benefits everyone.