Architects in Cheltenham – Granit Goes West

I’m delighted to announce the expansion of our design practice outside the Capital with a new base of operations in Cheltenham.

I setup Granit Setup in 1988 and we’ve grown into a specialist residential architecture and interior design practice with a staff of 20. Our clients include private homeowners wanting a grand design, building owners looking for a better return on their asset and commercial property development professionals. All benefit from our deep expertise in designing beautiful housing.

We’re regularly approached by clients outside London and have recently been appointed for a home renovation and enlargement project in Cheltenham. This has given us a great platform to expand and with one of our Architects, Pip Philips, recently moving out of London, we’ve jumped at the chance to ‘Go West’.

Pip joined us from Foster & Partners in January 2015 and has firmly established himself in the Granit family. I asked Pip what he thought of the move and he said:

“It makes sense. We regularly have opportunities to work outside London, but with our headquarters in Clapham it’s not always that easy; especially as we generally work on all stages of a construction project, from initial design to practical completion on site. This new base sets us up perfectly to work across the West of England, the Midlands, nearby Cotswolds and Wales.”

You can find out more about Granit’s services here, or contact us if you’d like to talk about a property or project. The team and I are always happy to talk.