About Me

George studied architecture at the University of Portsmouth and graduated with a First Class Honors in 2015. He was also awarded the prize for Best Drawings in BA3 Architecture. He has previously studied fine art, mainly focusing on portraiture through painting and drawing. George is interested in sustainable design and how we can utilise the environment to influence the way a building is designed and in landscape architecture, and how the spaces in-between can be just as important as the architecture itself. George is currently studying MArch at the University of Kent and focusing on parametric and computational design, a completely different and interesting approach to architecture and design. Taking inspiration from nature and organic forms, and using computation and software such as Rhino and Grasshopper, to create contemporary, free flowing and complex building forms etc. Think Zaha Hadid. George's architectural influences are Piano, Heatherwick and of course Hadid. Outside of architecture George is a sports enthusiast, enjoying golf, football and fantasy football too. He is a frequent traveller too.

Favourite Projects