About Me

Lisa is an Interior Designer who loves to create warm, comfortable spaces for people to enjoy. She likes to approach design with a practical viewpoint by considering client budgets, a space's functionality and always keeping sustainability in mind. With these foundations in place, Lisa enjoys using interesting materials and features to create beautiful buildings. Lisa has worked on several high end residential and commercial projects during her time at Granit and through her previous work and education. She enjoys collaborating with the architectural team at Granit to create projects that flow internally and externally. Lisa is originally from New York State and attained her undergraduate degree in Interior Design from Cazenovia College. As part of her degree, she participated in a three-month study abroad program in Canterbury at Christ Church University. This experience sparked the idea of a more long-term move to the UK, resulting in Lisa studying her masters in Interior Design at the University of Portsmouth. Before joining Granit, Lisa spent five years working for a design and build contractor that specialised in high-end residential projects. This on-site experience is proving invaluable for Granit's projects and clients. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys reading, cycling, skiing and exploring new places.

Favourite Projects