About Me

Olivia is currently studying for her Part II Qualification at the University of the West of England. Her latest University project focused on architecture within the Post-Anthropocene, where she designed a research and experiment centre that created solar hot air balloons. Alongside assisting both architects and interior designers in the office, Olivia is involved in the social media and marketing of the practice, with an eye for promoting Granit’s most impressive project images. Designing within the city of London has become a growing point for Olivia as the variety of project sizes and the many planning policies set by the London boroughs means she is constantly learning and developing as an avid architect. Olivia’s architectural interests lie in the juxtaposition of the old and new; the design process of a modern extension connecting to an original building. Olivia has rejoined Granit after some time out exploring the world. Recently taking up creating motivational cards for family and friends, she is a joy to have back in the office. After hours you will find her at the newest and trendiest bars in London.

Favourite Projects