Basement project in Hove On Site

Demolition work has commenced on our project in Hove, Sussex – to substantially extend and renovate a propety for a private client. Having achieved planning consent for the works, including a new basement, with Brighton and Hove Council, we are now full steam ahead with the build.

Our proposals create a new basement under the house and garden, utilising the gradient of the site, to minimise excavation and impact on the house. It will contain a replacement swimming pool, gym, living and entertainment areas, as well as storage and plant rooms. Accessed through a new helical staircase, the basement area draws light from 2 full height glazed walls opening onto a lower garden area. We are also inserting a series of rooflights over the pool itself, which will capture sunlight onto the water below.

The existing house itself is to be extended in a fashion sympathetic to the original look of the house. We are building out over the exsting garage to create new living and bedroom accommodation, as well as a new ensuite. We are also inserting a new glazed cupola over the hallway and stairs, and remodelling the kitchen, with a curved glazed wall and a modern family kitchen.

A striking new landscaping scheme by Alladio Sims will embed the redeveloped house into its setting. It is themed around creating a journey around different zones of the upper and lower gardens, maximising opportunities of the site, views of the sea and using a mix of hard and soft landscaping. A new minimal car port and bike storage keep cars away from the front elevation of the house.

Work is being carrried out by Woodmans,  a contractor we have partnered with on many occasions, and will continue through into late 2019 and possibly early 2020. If you are considering a new basement in Brighton and Hove, then get in touch here.