Big Basement Design Projects

Big Basement design

Basement design projects can sometimes be complicated, more so when you have a lot of party walls or complex requirements. Over the past 30 years, the Granit team has designed many basements, especially in London – where floor space is much more difficult to come by if you can’t build upwards or outwards. We’ve designed basements for everything from a simple living room or utility space, to wine cellars, gyms, spas and cinema rooms.

There are a few common constraints when it comes to designing a good basement. Perhaps the biggest challenge is light. How do you design an underground room so that it doesn’t look and feel like it’s, well, underground? That’s the art of good basement design, alongside keeping moisture at bay too.

We’ve been working on a house refurbishment project with a massive basement outside London, in Hove, next door to Brighton. After quite a while designing the scheme and getting it through planning, we got on site last year and our trusted partners at Woodmans Construction have been making significant progress. We wanted to keep a record of this, and when we had the opportunity to take an aerial view we jumped at it.

Take a look at the size and scale of this project…admittedly it looks more like a building site than anything else at the moment, but you can see the extent of the project.

We also like how tidy the site looks, a reflection of the quality of a contractor. We’ve worked with Woodmans Construction on a few projects now, and they have never failed to impress.

Keep checking in for news on how this project progresses as the build comes together. We’ll be posting updates as we conduct regular site visits during the project.

Please get in touch if you’re planning your own basement project or house refurbishment. We have worked all over the South East of England and much further afield too.