Christmas Party 2009

December comes just once a year and always brings with it the office Christmas party. We try each year to do something fun for the team and this year was no exception.

After last year’s corporate style party we decided we would be a little more relaxed. To start with we had a couple of drinks at our local Pub in Clapham before we headed into town to the famous Café Boheme. I guess unsurprisingly it was packed with office parties which gave us the opportunity to enjoy an appetising drink before dinner and for the whole team to get together. Zaheer, Ed and the girls all enjoyed different Mojitos, while the rest of the guys went for wine & beer, all of which helped to keep the team smiling throughout the evening!

By the time we got to our table everybody was in a jolly good mood, buoyed even further once we donned the crowns from our Christmas crackers. The food at Cafe Boheme was great but before we knew it was time to head to our next stop the Comedy Store in Piccadilly.

The show was an improvisation night with some well known faces from TV, including Richard Ranch (on the piano) and Josie Lawrence. It was great fun and a fantastic way to celebrate our office Christmas party – we hope next year’s is just as entertaining.

Merry Christmas to you all!