Congratulations to Newly Qualified Architects Tim & Emily

Tim Paulgrave and Emily Osler

Congratulations to Tim Palgrave and Emily Osler.

Both Tim and Emily have recently graduated from the University of Westminster with their Part III qualification and are now fully qualified Architects.

The Part III is the final stage of a substantial qualification process for architects. It is designed to help students learn about how to effectively lead an architectural project as well as managing the multiple parties involved. It also ensures an up-to-date knowledge of contracts, planning legislation and health and safety legislation, all of which change regularly within the construction industry. It also provides students with a wider understanding of the business management side of running an architects practice.

We are delighted that Tim and Emily have completed their Part III which is no mean feat. Both studied at the University of Westminster’s prestigious architecture school, from where a quarter of all new architects graduate each year. The course is led by Stephen Brookhouse, who wrote the Part III book.

Tim and Emily will continue to be an integral part of the Granit team.

Congratulations to both Tim and Emily on your achievements.