Copley Park Streatham

Contemporary lifestyles seem to demand more and more space in our homes. Yet sometimes it is not about how much space you have, rather what you do with it.

Our current project at Copley Park in Streatham is a demonstration of that. It is a charming Arts and Crafts style family home situated in the Streatham Lodge Conservation Area. When our clients approached us, we could see that poor design and execution had deprived the home of a heart.

We have set about rationalising the plan, and restoring pride and character to the home. To the rear are three living areas that are open to one another but divided by partition walls. The walls restrict movement, block natural light, and create awkward zones that lack connection with eachother and the rest of the house. In particular an ill-proportioned dining area acts as a barrier to the garden from the rest of the house. The works starting next month will combine the three living areas into an open plan space for the family. This will incorporate a new kitchen with views to the garden. A separate lounge to the front of the house is to be refurbished.

The utility room and remaining ground floor will be upgraded and renovated. Simple works such as moving door openings will markedly improve the use of rooms.

The upper floors are to be extensively refurbished. The works will see restoration of the elaborate original cornicing, upgrading of the plumbing and electrics, and installation of bespoke joinery. Our interior design team have introduced smart storage solutions to the bedrooms.

We collaborated with Lambeth Borough Council to identify features that would restore and improve the area’s distinctive character. The old, unsightly garage is to be rebuilt as a quiet home office. Its design draws on the vernacular of the house and conservation area. Years of poor and patchy maintenance to the house exterior are to be resolved in a holistic approach. The original boundary treatments are also being brought back.

We have worked closely with our clients over the past few months to develop their brief. Having received planning permission with LB Lambeth, we are now excited to see construction commence on site in September.