Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2018

architecture and interior design practice

We like to think we deliver a great service and have lots of happy clients. But we never really know how happy our clients are until we ask them. That’s why we run an annual customer satisfaction survey to find out how well we’re doing, as well as checking regularly as our projects progress. This survey not only helps us to measure happiness but it also enables us to identify areas for improvement too!

We ran our latest customer survey in February 2018 and, overall, we’re really pleased with the results. One of the key metrics we use is the Net Promoter Score, which measures how likely our customers are to recommend us to family and friends. We’re pleased to say we scored +55 – anything over 0 is good and over 50 is generally regarded as excellent.

We also looked for improvements in the areas where our clients told us we needed to improve in last year’s survey too. It has been good to see some progress.

Please review the short presentation below to review the highlights from this year’s survey. We put in a few photos from some of our recently completed projects too.

Please contact us here if you’d like to talk about our results. We firmly believe high levels of customer happiness are key to the long-term health of our architecture and interior design practice and we always want to know how well we are performing.