Customer Satisfaction Survey Highlights 2015

It goes without saying that we will only thrive as a company if we keep our clients happy.

Often when we talk to potential new clients the overall customer satisfaction achieved by our practice is a talking point. This drives our passion for wanting to provide a good service.

To keep us on track we regularly look at how satisfied and happy our customers are across a range of factors. We monitor this during the regular meetings we have with clients and weekly internal team meetings too. We also run an annual survey with all of our current clients.

We are happy to share the results from this year’s survey, which has once again shown us what we are good at, but also identified a few areas for improvement too.

Here are the key highlights from this year’s survey:

Of course we couldn’t ask our clients for feedback without offering a reward! This year the prize draw was for a voucher for the fantastic Chez Bruce restaurant in Wandsworth, South West London.

And the winner is… Jeannine Young.