Customer Satisfaction Survey Highlights 2019

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We firmly believe the key to our practice’s long term success is happy clients, which not only requires exceptional building design but also by delivering quality, professional and highly personalised services. After all, when our clients trust us with their homes, we know they are putting a lot of faith in us to create something beautiful that matches their budgets and aspirations. Or, for our commercial clients, that creates the return on investment they’re aiming to achieve.

Knowing this means we keep a close eye on customer satisfaction. That’s why we regularly check on happiness as a project progresses but also why we run our annual customer satisfaction survey.

We ran our latest customer survey in December 2018 – January 2019 and, overall, we’re incredibly pleased with the results.

One of the key metrics we use is the Net Promoter Score, which measures how likely our customers are to recommend us to family and friends. We’re pleased to say we scored +60 – anything over 0 is good, and over 50 is excellent. This score is also an improvement on last year too, which shows we’re improving every year.

You can see in the short presentation below a summary of the highlights and some of the areas you’ve told us to improve too.

Please contact us here if you’d like to talk about our results or if you’re a client and missed the opportunity to take part in the survey this year. We firmly believe high levels of customer happiness are essential and we always want to hear feedback, good or bad.