Fantastic Result from this Year’s Open City

At Granit we strongly believe in the value of educating children on the principles of architecture and good design.

As such we are actively involved in Open City’s Annual Architecture Programme for primary schools – Open City is London’s leading architecture education organisation.

The comprehensive programme for primary school students in years 4, 5 and 6 (7-11 year olds) brings students into contact with key pieces of exemplary London architecture. Building explorations encourage young people to become ‘architectives’, to look for clues, learn design skills and see ways in which people use space. This direct experience leads on to creative workshops in the classroom.

This year we partnered up with Henry Maynard Primary School in the London Borough of Waltham Forest and took the school students on a tour of The Royal Veterinary College to explore its unique architecture. You can see a handful of photos from both the exploring and workshop days below. More photos can also be found on our Flickr account.

We were thrilled to learn today that two of the students (Jelani and Priya) in our partner class at Henry Maynard Primary have won the Design Skills Award! Their “Bee Home” was selected out of the rest of the group’s impressive design work.

The students will be recognised for their efforts at an Awards Reception and will receive an award and certificate. Their model will also be on display.

The Overall Winner, selected from the category winners and whose design will be built, will be announced at the Awards Reception.

We wish Jelani and Priya the best of luck on the 17th and look forward to hearing the results.