Forever Home in Wandsworth Conservation Area

Forever Home in Wandsworth Conservation Area

We have been working with our clients to transform their property in the Wandsworth Common conservation area into their forever family home.

The over-arching objective for our clients Tim, Jennifer, their daughter and pet cat is to transform their property into a ‘forever home’. A retreat that meets their family’s needs for years to come.

Tim and Jennifer love their home’s open-plan kitchen/living/ dining space; it is the heart of the property. They spend most of their time together as a family in this room, and the couple also often work from home.

But the big issue is that it needs to be larger to fit everything in. The kitchen is a good size, and the dining table is vital to family life, but it feels cramped. They’d like a more sociable area.

The overall living space needs to be bigger for all of them; it all feels strangely claustrophobic. Jennifer said that the space doesn’t feel relaxing – she believes it is a combination of the light, materials, and volume of space. The dining area is particularly dark in winter, and it functions when entertaining family and friends, but it doesn’t feel right. It needs to have a sense of grandeur and brightness and be relaxing.

Function is critical too, and the family would like more space, but for it to be well-considered.

Our challenge from Tim and Jennnifer was to find a way to extend and optimise their property to create the lovely family home they wanted. A challenge we have been delighted to accept.

We have recently applied to Wandsworth Borough Council for planning consent to turn our design ideas into reality for this family. The solution is a series of new spaces to the rear and a double-height side return extension that will tie together old and new rooms, creating differing zones that all connect to the heart of the home, the kitchen.

Our proposal emphasises design, function and space quality instead of just maximising the floor area as you often see with standard extension projects.

We’re optimistic we will receive a favourable planning decision in the coming months and that our clients will achieve their dream forever home in Wandsworth Conservation Area. Watch this space for news, and get in touch here if you have a project you’d like help with.