Friends of Lewes Design Awards 2019

Grade II Listed

We’ve been working on a project in Lewes, East Sussex for about the last five years, completing in 2018. It’s not an enormous project; in fact, it’s the renovation and extension of a cottage. You might, therefore, ask why it took so long. For the most part, this is due to the fact the property is Grade II listed.

Grade II listed

We had been working on this property for a while before our original clients decided to sell it. Luckily for us, the new owners shared our ambitions, liked our ideas and decided to keep us on for the project.

The result is a fantastic family home that has a blend of new and old, working together perfectly in harmony. You can see the project in our portfolio here and you can watch a short video with our clients Jim and Deirdre Prower here too.

The heritage aspect of the project was, no doubt, the most challenging. To convince the local conservation officer that our design would enhance rather than detract from the aesthetics of the Grade II listed property was no mean feat. So it’s with great pride that we were recognised this year with a Commendation from the Friends of Lewes Design Awards.

The Awards aim┬áto recognise and celebrate quality design and craftsmanship in building projects in the town. They are made every third year and show that “good design makes a positive contribution and can set standards for future works.”

You can see Robert Wilson, Architect Director at Granit collecting the commendation certificate below (Robert is on the far left).

Grade II Listed

We’re thrilled to be given this award for what was a thoroughly rewarding project. We have worked on several Grade II listed properties over the years, with this being perhaps the most challenging and rewarding.

You can see some of our other work on Grade II listed or other conservation projects in our portfolio here.