Good Employer Award 2015

We’re ranked in the top 25% of good employers!

This year we participated in the 2015 Good Employer Award, courtesy of Building Magazine.

An online staff survey was sent to all of our employees that was designed to gauge the strength of feeling on the company’s performance in nine key areas:

  1. Leadership
  2. Corporate social responsibility
  3. Employees’ opportunity to contribute
  4. Working atmosphere
  5. Opportunities for smarter working
  6. Career progression
  7. The company’s response to current market conditions
  8. The promotion of mental wellbeing
  9. How likely staff would be to recommend their company to a new entrant to the industry.

We were also asked to provide a statement in support of our entry, addressing a multitude of areas including, how the company has adapted to current market conditions; leadership and development; employee engagement; staff wellbeing; diversity; inclusion and many more.

Over 200 companies registered to be considered for this year’s guide.

We were absolutely thrilled to learn we had made it into the top 25% of good employers! Some of the highlights from our team’s responses that we are most proud of include:

How would you rate your companies leadership?

80% said excellent

How happy are you with the everyday atmosphere in your place of work?

70% said very happy

How approachable do you find your managers over mental wellbeing issues such as workplace stress?

60% answered very approachable.

And perhaps the one we are most proud of:

How likely would you be to recommend your company as an employer to a new industry entrant?

80% answered, very likely.

At Granit we work very hard to provide a great environment for our team. This accolade and the fantastic team we have built, shows this effort is paying off.

Thank you to all of those in the Granit team that took part in the survey.