Granit’s Book Celebrating 25 Years now on iTunes

We are pleased to announce our book ‘Granit Chartered Architects Celebrating 25 Years’ is now in the iTunes bookstore.

Last year we celebrated 25 years of Granit Chartered Architects. It was an exciting milestone for us and to celebrate we created a short book to share our favourite projects from over the years.

“From founding members to maternity cover, to students, and students becoming architects. Engineers, project managers, contractors and builders. Husbands and wives, clients and customers, bankers and lawyers, TV presenters and princes. All shapes and sizes, all degrees of knowledge, tastes and budgets. And all the more invigorating for it.

25 years is not a big hurdle. It has snuck up. None of the changes are sudden.

I never worked in the day of a single hand drawn watercolour for a whole building, when I started we built whole buildings from one or two A1 sheets reproduced as blueprints. We now produce hundreds of drawings for a simple apartment. We can model it in 3D, print it from all angles, designate each material, extract the information into schedules, and make changes without starting again. We started when faxes were exciting (I have to admit that my first office did have a telex machine – the only fax machine was at the post office…”

We hope you enjoy our book and the story of our 25 years of architecture in London and beyond.

You can download it from the iTunes Bookstore here.