Granit is now Employee Owned

Employee Owned Trust

Granit has spent the last year transitioning to be 100% employee-owned.

With a long term plan for succession planning and incentivising employees to take ownership of the running of the company, directors Robert Wilson and James Munro decided to sell all of their shares to a trust set up to administer the company – ‘Granit Trustees Limited’.

Whilst the day to day running of the company doesn’t change, and the roles of directors, associates and staff are maintained, staff now have the opportunity to directly influence how the company is run and benefit from its success.

We have always believed in a collaborative team effort, rather than top-down instruction. This business model allows employees to feel more valued and is a vital tool when it comes to retention of staff and providing an overall benefits package. We also believe that working this way provides a significant benefit to our clients and partners.

You can read more about our team here and our Employee Owned Trust here.