Granit is Proud to Support the Senehasa Ball

We were recently approached by the Senehasa Trust and asked if we would like to sponsor their annual fundraising ball this year. We had a think about it and after, well a good couple of seconds, we decided we’d be happy to support this worthy cause.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Senehasa Trust, they were set up some 10 years ago to support community aid projects in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately Sri Lanka was one of the areas worst effected by the Boxing day Tsunami in 2006 and since then the Trust has had to significantly step up its efforts. In 2005 they registered as a UK charity and have since been involved in projects such as opening new schools, providing fishing boats, holding appeals to restock blood banks and much more.

To get a real flavour for the charity we suggest you check out their website at You will also find instructions for how to get involved, either by donating money or sponsoring a child for example.

Granit Chartered Architects is very proud to support the Senehasa Trust and its Annual Ball.