Granit Welcomes Jake Wells

It has been a busy summer and this means we’ve had to expand the Granit team.

This time with the appointment of Jake Wells, our new Architectural Assistant.

Jake has wanted to work in the construction sector from an early age. His family are all in the trades and he is no stranger to a building site, starting as a labourer from the age of sixteen. He’s been on and off building sites ever since, fitting labouring jobs in between his university studies. Jake saw the role of Architect as a natural development from his early start on site and jumped with both feet into the seven years of training all architects must complete.

Jake completed his part 1 studies at Portsmouth University, graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in Architecture. His is inspired by BIG Architects because of their ability to take on huge projects with elaborate architectural concepts, but his heart lies in residential architecture.

“I enjoy the fact people will be living in a house I have designed and will have a greater sense of the value of the design”

Outside of architecture Jake is a huge music fan, recently visiting Reading and Isle of Wight festivals – where we’re sure his site boots came in handy. He is also a Chelsea FC supporter for his sins.

We welcome Jake to the Granit team.