Granit Welcomes Mantas Gaigalas

Portrait Mantas Gaigalas

2014 is turning out to be a bumper year for Granit and we have hired again with Mantas Gaigalas joining our architectural team.

Mantas studied architecture at the University of Portsmouth where he achieved a first-class bachelors degree. At University he enjoyed working on many different aspects of design producing schemes for bridges, food banks, boatyards and urban master planning.

His interest in architecture stemmed from his father who was a carpenter and provided him with the opportunity to gain practical experience on construction and refurbishment projects. This working knowledge of carpentry, plumbing bricklaying and decorating will greatly assist his ability to advise our clients.

Mantas has a passion for the use of wood in architecture which he credits to his Lithuanian heritage. The traditional architecture in Lithuania is wooden and the country contains many beautiful and endless forests with great examples of wooden buildings.

The architect that has inspired Mantas throughout his studies is Shigeru Ban and his work with paper tubes:

“I was fascinated with the way that this sustainable material is not only used to represent the concept of his ideas but also used due to its structural integrity, which is why most of Ban’s work exposes the structure.”

Outside of work Mantas is mainly interested in football and travelling. He has been part of a range of different football clubs even coaching the younger generation for Crystal Palace.

Welcome to the Granit Architects team Mantas.