Granit Welcomes Tom Vincent

We are delighted once again to welcome a new member to our team in Tom Vincent. Tom joined us this month to work on a number of residential projects, both one-off houses and large commercial schemes.

Tom completed his architectural studies in both Bath and Bristol, which suggests he has a passion for the West Country. Tom’s architectural influences come from those who are able to blend the vernacular with contemporary design, particularly where there are applications of new and sustainable materials. You may not be surprised therefore to hear that Tom is inspired by architects such as David Adjaye, Peter Zumthor and David Chipperfield.

Outside of work Tom likes to keep fit and is a keen runner, swimmer and snowboarder. He’s also a fan of art and literature, photography and travelling, most recently travelling through South East Asia on his way back from a year working in Sydney.

Well Tom, we can’t promise you much Country and Western music will be played on the office stereo, but we welcome you to the team anyway.