A Trip Down Memory Lane: Our Top Projects, Part I.

Having a Dig through the Archive:

Going through Granit’s architecture portfolio is always intriguing.  Whilst projects are ongoing, they can seem a like a never-ending task, full of problems to solve and dreams yet to be achieved. Once finished, they are rarely re-visited. We leave our clients happily enjoying their new home – in peace! Architects typically are always looking forwards, working on the next challenge, incorporating the latest innovation. So, we thought it would be an interesting exercise to take a look back and have a dig through our architecture portfolio and reveal some of our favourite projects through time.

Tom’s Top Picks:

First to reveal his top three Granit projects is one of our Associate Architects, Tom Vincent. He noted how difficult it was to choose just three from all the projects he had worked on over the years! Here are Tom’s top three, in no particular order…

Briarwood Road:

First from Tom’s Architecture portfolio is Briarwood Road. One of his early projects at Granit, he relished the challenge that this innovation-led job provided. The client was full of ideas, arriving at Granit with a scrapbook full of inspiration and hoping to incorporate lots of interesting and modern features. The basement ended up being the project highlight for Tom in terms of design, with polished concrete floors and feature wall panels that slide to divide the space.

However, this project wasn’t without its challenges. The client had planned to extend the basement level courtyard into the garden, however it turned out this was not going to be possible when a Thames Water sewer was located right where the excavation would have to take place!

Spencer House:

Next on the list is Spencer House, a project that Tom is particularly proud of due to the total transformation that took place.

Again, he notes that the client was interested in innovation and was keen to create something new and striking. You can see Tom’s favourite design feature in the image below – the dramatic long window that very nearly runs through all three floors of the property! Design features like this not only look amazing but also draw natural light right into the heart of a property and can transform the feel of the rooms.

Tom mentions that there were quite a few delays on site for this project, but feels that the end result was more than worth the wait! Another great addition to our architecture portfolio and a fabulous home for our clients.

Broxash Road:

Last but not least comes Broxash Road and Tom notes that this project ran very smoothly indeed – no delays and no surprise sewers!

The smooth running of a project depends on many different factors, but using a quality, reputable contractor makes a huge difference. The highlight of this project is undoubtedly the seamless transition between kitchen and garden, the minimalist sliding glass doors making the kitchen feel much larger and certainly much lighter too.

We also particularly love the details in this project, from the original tiles in the hallway and in the fireplace, to the imaginative wallpaper in the downstairs loo.



We are very proud of Granit’s Architecture portfolio. Keep an eye on our website to catch the next few posts as we revisit some other old favourites from the archive. Thank you Tom for sharing your top three with us!