Guide to Working with an Interior Designer

Interior Design London

If you want to know what you can expect from an interiors team, our new ‘Guide to Working with an Interior Designer’ is just the ticket. 

Guide to Working with an Interior Designer

When we are engaged by our clients, it is often the first time they are working with an interior designer. They regularly ask us two questions:

  1. What areas of a property or project can we help with?
  2. Is there a process for interior design? 

As these are common questions, we thought it would be helpful to answer them in a handy guidebook. You can download it for free here.

This short guide aims to answer the main questions about working with Granit’s interior design team. In the guide, you can learn about the critical stages in the process, from the initial brief to construction and fit-out and the order in which they happen. The book also introduces the different areas we work in, including concept design, bespoke furniture design, procurement and more.

Of course, you can always talk to our interior design team directly. You can find our contact details here. You can also find interior design inspiration on our Pinterest page if you are looking for ideas. 

We hope our new guidebook proves to be a helpful resource for anyone looking to hire an interior designer.