Highlights from Decorex 2020

Decorex was a bit different this year. Rather than strolling through aisles and aisles of exhibitors we sat at our computers clicking through photos and seminars. Nevertheless, the overall experience did not disappoint and we walked away feeling inspired and knowledgeable.

Feature lighting was one of our highlights this year. We are always on the hunt for interesting pieces and with an abundance of options available on the internet it was helpful to see a refined selection at Decorex this year.

Our favourites included:

Tigermoth – we love that their workshop is located along the Thames just outside London. They offer a number of standard pieces with the option to customise as required. From large statement pieces to simple classic fittings, the sophistication of Tigermoth is a thumbs up from us.

Kaia – their handcrafted products are a result of great attention to detail and a combination of skills and materials. These are light fittings that will be noticed but in a simple and elegant way that interacts with other surfaces.

Cameron House Design – fun and interesting sculptural lighting is the best way to describe Cameron House Design. They are up for creating and adapting to suit individual needs. These are light fittings that will turn heads

Light Cognitive – We all know that access to natural daylight helps our general wellbeing but it’s not always easily accessible especially during winter months. Light Cognitive offer light fittings which appear as windows and skylights for the illusion of natural light. Their selection of shapes and styles make for interesting statement pieces that are great for lighting as well as creating healthy, happy spaces.

We also found inspiration from other materials, hardware and innovation:

Armac Martin – We love their range of finishes available which all feel very warm and natural. Some of our favourite ranges included their exhibited Leebank collection with its slight industrial detailing. We also love their Mix industrial collection and Lincoln collection featuring a classic look with carefully considered detailing.

Tablebed – When space is limited there is always the need for innovation. Tablebed specialises in beds that can be easily folded into a table and vice versa. They have a focus on quality and design so you can be sure this furniture will not be mistaken anything less than high end – not to mention a great talking point for a dinner party.

Piccolpasso – Bespoke handcrafted tiles made by local UK artisans, what more could we ask for? Each Piccolpasso tile is individually unique and ever evolving as with any design process. There is a great focus on colours and patterns and how each tile interacts with the next making these a great feature tile option.

Parkside Architectural Tiles – In addition to their great range of tiles we love their focus on supplying products with recycled content. They offer a search option on their website to filter by the percentage of recycled content. Some of our favourite ranges include Sequel, Bruar, Lome and Velluccia.

We have thoroughly enjoyed Decorex this year. But… we look forward to 2021 when we can hopefully get back to enjoying the show in person.

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