Working Colour into a Luxury Interior Design Scheme

Working colour into a luxury interior design scheme can seem like a daunting task, and no matter how many inspirational homes you might see dripping in gorgeous navy and emerald paint, taking the plunge and doing it yourself can seem like too big of an ask. The secret to using colour is to find your comfort zone. Here are our five top tips before dipping your roller.

1. Isolate

Going for colour doesn’t have to mean painting the walls in wild tones and hoping for the best. Think outside the box – how else can colour play an influential role in a room without dominating the whole space? Opt for an amazingly rich or dark tone, and then apply it to feature pieces like joinery, or only paint the skirting architraves and woodwork. The splash of boldness will be enough to make the whole space feel uber-cool and give it a touch of luxury interior design.

luxury interior design

2. Concentrate your colour

In complete contrast to choosing smaller elements, concentrate all your colour efforts in one place. Pick a room – a bathroom, snug or hallway are great for this – and go as bold as possible. Paint the walls, the ceiling, and even the floor in the same colour… this will make for a brave design statement, and will feel super snug and very current. Team with lots of plants, some great prints, and you’ve got your new favourite space – plus the rest of your home can remain nice and neutral.

luxury interior design

3. Look at colour differently

Is a soft, muted sage so different from the grey you almost went for? Choosing colour largely comes down to tone, and if you’re not feeling ready to take the plunge into rich jewel-like territories then play with some muted versions instead. Pinky nudes such as Farrow and Ball’s Pink Ground or the chalky Theresa’s Green are playful and stylish without straying too far from the warm neutrals we all feel safe with.

luxury interior design

4. Pantone know best

The Colour of the Year this year is Ultra Violet, and we’ve been seeing this regal tone work its way into homes and commercial interiors all around the country. It’s warm, feisty, bold and different, and because it’s the Colour of the Year all interior and lifestyle brands are bringing out amazing complementary décor ranges, so accessorising this tone is a breeze. Think smoked glass, warm metallics, contrasting fabrics and tropical pops.

luxury interior design

5. Nothing’s final

When in doubt, balance it out. Take things step by step, and if you think you’ve over-coloured then bring the balance back towards neutral with the help of a little grey. Grey has been a firm interior favourite for a while now and we don’t see it going anywhere, so invest in a good quality paint such as Farrow and Ball’s Purbeck Stone. If you’re looking for luxury interior design, you can’t go far wrong with Farrow and Ball’s range, but if you’re in a pinch, Johnsons Paint do fabulous colour match dupes. Alternatively, matte grey kitchen cupboards work really well against a coloured wall (we can’t resist a punchy coral or moody peacock) for something a little different.

luxury interior design

When it comes to injecting colour into your home, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts – we often find the best interiors come from a pinch of bravery and a whole lot of trust! Here at Granit we’ve got years of design expertise in adding colour tastefully and thoughtfully to homes, and we’re always pleased to hear your thoughts and work with you to develop a scheme that you feel comfortable with.

If you’re looking for a London-based luxury interior designer, contact us today and we would be glad to start you on your path to a colourful dream home!