Three new faces at Granit!

A growing team at Granit!

It’s been a busy few months at our Clapham Common offices. We have welcomed three new members, with three very different design and architecture portfolios, to our ever-growing team. A warm London summer welcome to Becky, Wilker and Lisa!

Becky, our new Part-Three Architect:

Becky joined Granit in May 2019 having completed her Part 3 at London Metropolitan University. She is passionate about humanitarian architecture, having spent time working for an NGO in Nepal, rebuilding schools following a devastating earthquake. Becky has a particular interest in the social, cultural, economic and political intricacies that accompany humanitarian architectural projects. She is a strong believer in collaborative design and community engagement to help spark new ideas and to better understand how people use and interact with space.

Outside of work Becky is all about the outdoors. She loves rock-climbing, hiking and also scuba-diving (although the latter not so much in London unfortunately…!)

Welcome Wilker, a new Part-One:

Wilker also joined Granit Architects in May, after finishing his Part I qualification in Architecture at Kingston University. He has a keen interest in how architecture unfolds over time, specifically how an architect’s plans and an inhabitant’s appropriation of space can interact, to form buildings that express a shared culture and response to place.

Wilker sites his inspirations as including the architecture portfolios of modernist architect Ludwig Miles Van Der Rohe, due to the clean-lined simplicity of his designs and in particular his rectangular buildings, that provide open and flexible plans, creating multifunctional spaces.

Outside of work Wilker enjoys photography and art. He is also an avid traveller, which he finds to be a hobby that goes hand in hand with his passion for architecture.

And last but not at all least, welcome Lisa, our new Interior Designer:

Lisa is our most recent arrival, joining our Interior Design department at Granit in July 2019. She is originally from New York State and attained her undergraduate degree in Interior Design from Cazenovia College. As part of her degree she participated in a three-month study abroad program in Canterbury at Christ Church University. This experience sparked the idea of a more long-term move to the UK, resulting in Lisa studying her masters in Interior Design at the University of Portsmouth – a University where a large number of our Granit team have studied!

Before joining us here, Lisa spent five years working for a design and build contractor that specialised in high-end residential projects. From this she gained masses of on-site experience and is now looking forward to bringing this wealth of practical, hands-on knowledge to her projects at Granit.

Outside of work Lisa loves to spend any spare time travelling, or out on the slopes getting to grips with a new love for skiing. She is also in the process of renovating her own flat – time to hone those DIY skills!



We are always happy to find great new recruits and look forward to what the future may bring for our new team members. If you are interested in working for Granit please send your CV and architecture portfolios to