New house on tight urban site in Wandsworth

To assist with meeting London’s demand for new housing, every opportunity for developing underused pre-developed land (brownfield sites) should be explored. In this case our client has commisioned us to work up a scheme for planning, on the site of a single garage, situated in an established residential area of Northcote Road, Wandsworth. As with many of these sites, the constraints of neighbouring buildings, issues of overlooking, privacy and the quality of the amenity of the new house itself, are all key drivers to creating an innovative piece of architecture.

Our proposals for a 1-bed house, utlise the entire footprint of the existing garage, but are built over 3 floors to get the sufficient space standards required. An entrance floor contains main living space, with stairs leading down to kitchen and dining space. Natural light is borrowed through glazing onto the street and a large void at the front of the property. At first floor level, the bedroom and shower-room, benefits from large expanses of glazing towards the road, as well as rooflights on a flat roof, and pitched side roof (The latter a concession to the neighbour to minimise its impact)

We have chosen a palate of London stock brick and colour coated metal windows to embed the house into its context.

Having submitted the design through Wandsworth’s pre-app service, we are now applying for full planning consent including a change of use on the site.