Planning consent for urban intervention in Battersea.

We are very pleased to have just received planning consent for the new Gateway building to the Battersea Business Centre in LB Wandsworth. The current entrance to the centre presents poorly onto Lavender Hill and leaves a hole in the parades frontage. Granit recognised the potential of the site and developed a design to maximise usable floor space whilst not impeding access to the BBC.

The design took inspiration from the industrial buildings of the Business Centre, balancing this with the need to create light open plan modern working environments. Care and attention was also paid to the existing Victorian and 1930’s frontages either side of the project. The result is a quality modern development that acts as a new landmark for this section of Lavender Hill and fills a physical gap in the urban fabric.

The Gateway will house breakout space and meeting rooms for the existing commercial tenants and is the first phase in a plan to further improve and upgrade the centres facilities. It improves the Business Centres’s connection with the local area by giving it a shopfront onto the street as well as proposed improvements to the surrounding hard landscaping.