Planning Permission with Chelmsford City Council

We have recently obtained planning permission with Chelmsford City Council to remodel and enlarge a property in Danbury, Essex.

The existing house is a 20th-century property, built with a thatched roof and an annexe but it doesn’t meet our client’s needs. The layout is very cellular, with the main living spaces disconnected from each other. In particular, the kitchen provides the primary entrance to the building, which is detached from the main entertaining space. This in turn is located down a corridor, containing the thoroughfare for the stairs.

Our proposals include a new single-storey block perpendicular to the main house. This new block creates new space and a privacy barrier between the road and pool and the garden beyond. It also creates a larger driveway space for vehicles.

The main two-storey element extends from the rear gable of the main house, with a new pitched roof to mirror the existing but with a lower ridge to remain subservient. As the two-storey element is concentrated to the rear of the existing house, the mass is not seen from the road, and by removing the existing storey annexe, the elevation fronting the main road becomes lower and less imposing to the road, whilst retaining privacy for the swimming pool and rear garden beyond.

The proposal creates two distinct areas between the existing and the proposed, linked by a double-height glazed atrium that contains the central staircase. The existing area retains traditional residential spaces in the form of bedrooms and habitable rooms. The proposed area introduces open-plan contemporary spaces such as a large living/kitchen/dining area and gym. The first-floor plan contains an additional bedroom and a master suite. We also have a dedicated home office space in a stand-alone building.

We are now working towards RIBA Stages 3-4 with a view to starting on site in late 2022.

See more images of the project here.

If you would like to achieve planning permission with Chelmsford City Council we can help and would be delighted to hear from you.