Planning Permission in Camberwell

Planning Permission in Camberwell

We’re pleased to announce we have obtained planning permission in Camberwell, London Borough of Southwark, for a luxury garden outbuilding.

When our clients approach us about adding space to their property, we sometimes find that the best solution does not involve extending the house at all.

On this project, our client wanted to create a new self-contained guest room. We believed extending the home would compromise the living area and connection to the rear garden and so we guided our clients as the idea evolved into a contemporary outhouse at the unloved foot of the garden.

The new outhouse will provide a detached guest space with an en-suite bedroom, living space and kitchenette across two levels. The bedroom is on a mezzanine level that overlooks the lounge below and gardens beyond. Flanking the double-height element will be a new double garage and a garden workshop.

On the outside, the outbuilding is an exercise in symmetry, order, and proportion. The two-storey element in the centre projects into the garden. Full-height glazing across both floors will flood the interior with natural light, and combined with the white render, the weight of its appearance is reduced.

The single-storey parts are faced with London stock brick, with a rhythm of niches and doorways. A timber pergola to the front, aligned with the brick detailing, allows the garden to grow onto the structure.

Being in proximity to other properties can present challenges with overlooking and overshadowing. The outbuilding form and glazing positions address these concerns without diminishing the internal quality of the space.

The site is within a characterful conservation area, which we were keen for the design to be sensitive to. The design was developed in close consultation with Southwark Borough Council. We produced a series of design options at the feasibility stage before submitting a pre-application enquiry. The feedback informed alterations for the subsequent planning application. This ensured that the planning process was smooth and collaborative and a positive result was obtained.

You can learn more about navigating planning permission in Camberwell, or other London boroughs, by speaking with our team. You can find our contact details here-we are always happy to talk.