Planning permission in Hammersmith and Fulham

Granit can proudly announce that planning permission was granted by LB Hammersmith and Fulham to convert an existing antique store and residential unit above in to 3 new high-quality residential units and a commercial storefront unit. The building is situated on the New Kings Road in Chelsea.

After a successful pre-application, Granit were able to establish the principal of development for the scheme and, most-critically, the change of use class for the basement to residential from its current commercial use, which was key to ensure a good mix of tenure for the proposals and strengthen our case for the scheme with the planning officer.

The proposals include the division of an existing 3 storey residential unit, above the antique store, to create 3 new residential units that would be marketed for the prime real estate market. The potential for a good return on invesment, is increased due to the existing building’s desirable location a few steps away from Parsons Green in Fulham.

The proposals feature alterations to the existing massing including the creation of 2 new lightwells to ensure that daylighting to each unit suppressed the requirements in the BRE guidance. We were required to submit daylighting assessments with the planning application and these were provided by daylighting consultants Avison Young.

The massing of the building was increased by way of extensions at first floor, second floor and a loft pod to ensure the London Plan space standard requirements were met and that new amenity space could be provided by way of access to flat roofs. A reduction in the size of the commercial unit was found to be consistent with the scale of nearby units and therefore acceptable to ensure a commercial frontage was maintained to the street.

Granit are in the process of submitting an amendment application which would assist in providing a more favourable return in investment with the aim that works can start on site in the not too distant future.

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